The firm, established on October 4, 1980, by current owners, it is first named SER CLARY SAS. In 1995 it is renamed C.S.M. SRL. Its production, belonging to a fast fashion category, was initially designed for domestic trade and it occurs monthly in “flashes” according to the newest trends. The collections are mainly composed by jersey women suits and knitwear designed for young ladies, in large sizes that range from 42 to 56 (italian sizes). The interpretation of this kind of fashion makes C.S.M. one of the best-regarded firms in this productive sector. It has been consolidating abroad for the last few years in the pre-order buying category, displaying its samples in the most important International events. In particular, it has successfully begun collaborations with Japanease , Spanish, Portuguese, American and Russian market, making relationships with these countries tighter and steadier every year.